Like a desire to eat with you !

La Voglia, the brothers hunger for adventure

In the Cannatella Family I ask … the Brothers. Twenty-two years after the Villa d’Este, which watched them grow up, Philippe and Serge are seized with a mad desire.  The desire to open a restaurant. The desire to take it on as their father did thirty years earlier. The desire to conquer the Cours Saleya and the old quarter. Understand, the Voglia is not baptized by chance. 2004 marks a turning point in their history: while the Villa d’Este and Boccaccio serve the heart of the city, this new establishment arrives in an open zone.

At the gates of Old Nice

The Voglia is near the coastline and plants its frontage on the edge of the Old Town. A privileged access to Nice of the Nicois, colorful facades and alleys where we stroll and talk since the time of Catherine Ségurane. Another way to conviviality: the restaurant is located on the street of bars, parties and hanging out. An epicurean setting that the brothers have kept sweet and familial. Has the shaded terrace not been the retreat of hot summer walks for almost fifteen years?

A family restaurant

La Voglia is the first joint project of the Cannatella brothers, their first entrepreneurial adventure. The sons free themselves and take over from Gino & Gina, but inherit their will. In Italian, “voglia” is the desire, but it is also the birthmark. A mark of lineage and a collective sense that we find in the menu, shared between the group’s establishments.

Recipes from a modern and mixed Italy

The restaurant continues to want to make Italy a gastronomic reference, while moving away from clichés. From the handlebar mustache of the pizzaïolo to the red and white tablecloths of the retro trattoria … We find a modern and mixed Italy. The brothers managed to keep the best of Europe’s garden: the love of food, the taste for well done service and the sense of “eating together”. Because this is where the essence of this family restaurant is: a great home where everyone can enjoy the sweetness of home. This desire to come together is La Voglia. A desire that connects us.