A family restaurant
& italian recipes
between the old nice and the sea

Like a desire to eat with you !

Discover la voglia

La “Voglia” ?

It’s the desire that connects us. That of eating and being together. To rattle the cutlery and purr the stomachs of pleasure … A powerful desire, which will not remain dissatisfied: our cooks will take care of it personally.

P.S .: Do not attract the wrath of the Latin gods! As in famiglia, we do not pronounce the “g”.

How to find us?

In front of the Old Town and behind the beach. The Voglia is planted in the heart of a lively street, but sheltered from its agitation. The restaurant opens the procession on rue Saint-François de Paule, where day and night, Nice becomes a party.

Strategically located, the Voglia is a welcomed break from your coastal strolls. In summer, its shaded terrace is a must for families!

How is it inside?

Imagine a cozy restaurant that would be on a pleasure boat. Loungey and contemporary in style with cream sofas and porthole windows. The main room comes alive and vibrates under the smells of dishes that parade in a festival. Do you prefer heights? Climb the spiral staircase and come stroll on the mezzanine.

A menu to devour

A vegetable served cold in summer as well in winter ? The jewel of Syracuse ? And it resembles a potato to you?

La voglia presents you…
the eggplant.

Our fetish products

Main plate : The Rigatoni of the Chef

It’s a rock, it’s a peak, it’s a cape …

A peninsula of pasta is presented to me! Fresh from the oven, the dish is served to me with a ladle. ” All that for me ?! The smoked Italian ham teases the eggplant on the plate. A crown of oven-baked mozzarella connects the whole. “Wait, is it really for one person?”

#AlForno #AlDente #RealFood #ItsForTwo? #RigatoNice #Mozzarellove

For dessert: Éclair XXL

Notice to gourmands! This homemade dessert changes every season. “Is all this sugar reasonable? Let’s share it: one mouthful each, we’ll feel less guilty. Once the fork is in the pastry, we discover a whole world: under the chocolate moor hides a bench of vanilla. At the heart of the strata, there is a layer of almonds on a caramel bed. Taste buds beware!

#Homemade #Casereccio #LoveExtraLarge #SugarBaby

Leftovers? do it the american way and ask for takeaway !

Le galet magazine

Le galet magazine is a place of expression and sharing. The expression of Nice, the sharing of pleasures. A magazine with a sure taste, as thick as a Neapolitan crust, and is completely free. Like our kitchen, the quantities are generous and the quality always present. So use it, take it under your arm after a good meal … and treat yourself.

“Pan bagnat or burger? Pastis or rosé? Finger food or fine dining? What is the best view of Nice? And the best spot to swim? Existential questions whose answers are at the heart of our articles. Take the magazine, roll it under your arm, devour it and talk to your friends. Our greatest pleasure is to see the famiglia grow.

Events la voglia

Become the owner for a night, what do you say? Companies, associations, families and groups … the group Cannatella puts its establishment at your disposal. Welcome your events and do not forbid any appetite. We will give you the keys of the house and accompany you at every step of the organization. Our culinary know-how is combined with the moment of your desires: it is the promise of our catering service.

Tested and approved !

La Voglia has hosted many private dinners. Clients are looking for an authentic meal, Mediterranean cuisine … A spirit of the South, we bring them with pleasure every time!

By Laura, the privileged interlocutor of your private events.

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